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dining room with oak furniture in front of black feature wall

Our History

Lawson Valentine had a vision.

The year was 1832 and ‘Valentine & Company’ was born, a high quality finish manufacturer that would go on to shake up the world and transform colour as we know it.
Plant on side table in front of blue wall
V&CO Paint Can Blue

Innovation was at the heart of every success.

At a time when there were fewer than a hundred specialists in the US, ‘Valentine & Company’ were the first to hire a chemist. This stroke of genius resulted in the development of the world’s first clear varnish, which cemented the company’s reputation worldwide, as well as its ethos: the resolve to push paint boundaries through relentless innovation.

At the dawn of the following century,

the renamed ‘Valentine’s Valspar Finishes,’ already famous for their waterproof, wearproof and weatherproof qualities, dared to go one step further.

In yet another inspired feat, the company began manufacturing a range of house paints that could be mixed, allowing people to create their own colours for the first time ever.

Plant on side cabinet in front of green wall
V&CO Paint Can Red Blue Green

And history was made...